Supporting the capital area game development community, culture and business

Hello world! We are building things…

A new NGO founded in May, 2019 to support the capital area game development community, culture and business.




Community story

Helsinki Games Capital was formed as a joint community project in 2019 by over 40 capital area games ecosystem entities, including established companies, indies, startups, universities and associations. HGC is a neutral place for us all to come together and focus our separate efforts to create real impact by improving the games ecosystem we all love so dearly!

15 companies donated money to kick-start the association and to realise the dream of a more connected and inclusive industry. Please consider having your company become a member and join the effort!

Mission Statement

Helsinki Games Capital ry is a non-profit association that supports the capital area game industry's community, operations and culture.

By the numbers

  • Crowdfunded by 15 companies

  • 40 founding members

  • 13 companies/entities in the board of director


goals for 2019


Helsinki Games Capital’s board of directors decided that our current focus for the rest this year is to establish the association’s operations and prepare for an impactful 2020. We realise it is going to take more than a few months in 2019 get where we want so better get started!

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Gather the Community’s Mandate

To truly represent the industry’s wishes we need to have a critical mass of members as a sign of unity. This has a significant impact for example when negotiating collaborations with public sector entities. To kick start our membership drive the board decided to waive membership fees to 0€ for 2019 and set it to a low 100€/year starting from 2020.

Please consider helping us be joining the association.

📈 Plan & Apply for 2020-2022 Funding

Right now the association employs one full time person and to reach our goals we need more hands on deck. Right now we are in the middle of sketching out the most impactful activities for the next three years and mapping out how to fund the legwork needed to make it happen.

🛋 Arcade5, the games industry living room

Together with Maria 01 we want to develop the newly renamed Arcade5, the games building inside Maria 01 startup campus, in to an open innovation space where everyone is welcome to meet, collaborate and make an impact. A lot needs doing but there is already a steady stream of industry events and community actions planned for the future to get us started!

Read more and book an event via… once we get the website up 😉

🥁 Setup Digital Communications

The capital area is already buzzing with all sorts of events and activities big and small but it’s easy for them to get lost in the day-to-day. We want to fix this by setting up easy ways to follow what the association is doing and see all the interesting community activities we are aware of.


Behind the curtain


The association is managed by its board of directors. It is the board’s responsibility to identify and set our major initiatives for each year so the association can achieve maximum positive impact. The board is elected once per year in our fall general meeting and any member organisation can apply. We strive to have a balanced board that represents as many major points of view as possible across the games ecosystem.

Interested in how the board works or possibly participating in the future? Please contact!




board of directors for 2019-2020



Miikka Lyytikäinen / Aniway


  • Elina Arponen / Quicksave

  • Callum Godfrey / Wargaming Helsinki

  • Roni Jokinen / LunarByte

  • Antti Laiho / Metropolia

  • Natasha Skult / IGDA Finland

  • Annakaisa Kultima / Aalto University

  • Kirsi Lagus / Veikkaus


Markus Myhrberg / Lexia

Deputy Members

  • Olesja Marjalaakso / Polka Dot Studio

  • Cyril Barrow / Rovio Entertainment

  • Jesse Ellonen / DieNo Games

  • Kristian Simolin / Metropolia

  • Vesa Raudasoja / IGDA Finland

  • Henri Lindgren / Veikkaus


  • KooPee Hiltunen / Neogames

  • Jaakko Kemppainen / Taike

  • TBD / City of Helsinki


Founding partners


Helsinki Games Capital would not exist without the generous support from these organisations. The games industry salutes you!




The association is nothing without its members. Our goal is to have as wide representation as possible of all the different organisations around the capital area ecosystem. Due to our kind sponsors the membership is free for 2019 as we are ramping our operations up. From 2020 onwards membership will cost 100€ per year.

Membership benefits

  1. Show your public support to our cause. Every name on our membership roster multiplies the strength of our message and directly helps us achieve the goals!

  2. Affect the association’s goals. Either indirectly via membership votes or directly via board of directors, you can help us focus on the most pressing matters of the industry.

    Pro tip: this is a great way for your staff to gain board work experience while making a real impact!

  3. Discount on Arcade5 event arena and meeting rooms. Our members love having a full calendar of activities at Arcade5 and we’d love to have your help fill it up!

  4. Priority access to VIP events. Every now and then we host VIP guests and other intimate networking occasions. We want to make sure the right people are there for maximum impact and being a member is good way for us to know you and where to invite you!

Please join us in making the games industry a better place!


Association Members


Coming soon!

The association was founded in collaboration with over 40 organisation and we are now starting to shift through that paperwork. We’ll get there soon!